Creepy clown

By Ms. D - November 18, 2019

When Halloween came, I had to work, and the restaurant I work in does this Halloween menu every year, a funny affair where nothing is what it seems. We decorate the place and wear costumes and creepy makeup, so I had to figure out a look that would look creepy enough, yet still not so much that our clients would lose their appetite. This is what I came up with.

To do this makeup, I started by cleaning my face with micellar water, and massaging in my moisturizer, then I applied primer on my lids. Then I created a base for the smokey eyes with a matt burnt orange shadow, which brings out green eyes.

I blended in the blackest black I could find. For the black shade, first I dampened it, then applied it wet with a synthetic flat brush, then blended it with a small blending brush in circular motions. 

Next I took my makeup tape (any tape that is softer and not too sticky will do), and did the vertical lines so it would look sharper than if I had freehanded it. I filled them in with gel eyeliner. 

First I did the top ones then the lower ones. After I took the tape out, I cleaned the lines and with a pencil brush and a rusty red shade I outlined them, so it would look like my skin was irritated, as if it was a tattoo or something. Then I filled in my eyebrows.

Finally, I applied a thin layer of foundation and the tiniest bit of blush, taking good care of not disturbing the lines, then did my eyeliner, applied mascara and filled the inner corner with an obscene amount of champagne highlighter, just because I could. To finish everything, I lined my lips with the gel liner and filled them in with a burgundy matt lipstick, drawing the lines in the corners, those I did freehand. 

On a whim i connected the lines under and over my brows, I thought it looked better. 

And this is it:

I hope you liked it. See you soon!

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