Golden Era

By Ms. D - January 12, 2023

Hello beauties! It's already 2023, time sure does fly. I hope you got off to a good start this year, I sure did. 

Now that the craze of the holidays is over, I wanted to share something with you. Those who know me know that for me singing is something I love, and for the past two years I have been learning to sing in a music school, with the relentless support of those closest to me. This past christmas we finally had a concert after all the lockdowns and issues the pandemic caused, my first time on stage with people who had actually paid to see us. It was easily the most exciting moment this past year. 

I felt the look for that super special moment had to be glam, but also delicate and elegant, and I liked very much what I came up with. It's a softened version of a cutcrease in cool browns and champagne gold. As I said I liked it, so I'm sharing the look with you, the pictures were taken that day so you can see the excitement in my face. 

As always I started with preparing the canvas, cleansing and moisturizing the skin. Let it have a few minutes for the products to sink in before moving on to the next phase. 

I primed the lids, this time with the essence 'prime like a boss' primer, which I have been trying out. It has amazing staying power, although I like the wet n wild better, but for people with drier skin types this might actually be better. It certainly works well with my oily skin. 

I always like to set the primer with some eyeshadow that is close to my skin tone, and for darker skin, I would go for a lighter base to make colours pop. 

Then with a blending brush I defined the crease using a matt taupe shade. 

Compare the one with shadow and the one yet untouched, the shadow adds depth and changes the shape of my lid.

Then I darkened the crease with a smaller brush, using a cool brown, extending and lifting the shadow to the tail of my brow, carefully respecting the blank space. 

Using a darker brown and a thin angled brush, I darkened the crease trying to create an ombre effect. 

Then I filled in the blank space with a golden champagne shimmery shade using a small flat brush that is densely packed with bristles, and with an angled brush I lined the eyes with the same darkest brown, and added a spot of light in the inner corner. I added a couple coats of mascara. 

For the skin, I chose the Essence Pretty Natural, because I rather like the formula, and it evens out the tone without being overpowering. My shade is 010 Cool Porcelain. A bit of blush and for lipstick I chose the Nyx Lingerie XXL in Strip n tease. 

I hope you liked it, I felt like a star that night!

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