Review: Unicorn's heart palette by Revolution

By Ms. D - May 20, 2019

Hello! I came here today to show you a palette that I'm liking quite a bit, the Unicorn's heart by Revolution.
Revolution, trendy as ever, has launched some collections inspired in mythological creatures, particularly unicorns, mermaids, dragons and angels. These collections include eyeshadow palettes, highlighters, gloss, lipstick... All very cute and at an affordable price as usual.
After looking at them for ages in the shop, I opted for the Unicorn's heart for the pretty colors, and because it's in a colour range I have less shades of. I have to confess I'm in loce with the pigmentation and the softness of the shadows, and that there are some of them that the picture just doesn't do it justice, but it's ok to get an idea about it before buying.
The palette is made in cardboard, with a rainbow twinkle so pretty, very attention-grabbing.

We open the palette and the first thing we notice is the vibrancy of the colours, even the light shades, which are on the top row, and the lower row is for darker shades. There are some matte shades, but most are metallic and glittery, as one would expect from a palette inspired in unicorns.
With regards to the pigmentation, it is pretty good:
Let's move on to the swatches. First top row:
There's a matte terracotta shade, a light matte mauve and a creamy colour with some glitter in it, and among the metallic colours a white that shifts to purple, a blue that too shifts to purple and a beautiful lavender.
Onto the lower row:
There are no matte shades here. We have some metallic shades (blue, purple and light pink), a satin fuchsia, and a couple creamy, foil effect ones (dark gray and copper).
Let me show you the lower row in a different angle so you can see the colours better:
All in all it is a very pretty palette, if a bit lacking in neutral matte shades, but that's what we have other palettes for. This is, in truth, a palette to enjoy the colours and brightness.
What do you think of it?

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