Dazzle - look for hooded eyes

By Ms. D - January 22, 2020

Hello beauties! I'm back here with a look I created for a friend who was getting her maternity photos. She showed me lots of makeup pictures and asked me to create something inspired by them.

She has slightly hooded eyes, so she wanted something that would look well on them, and her skin tone has lots of yellow and olive tones, so we chose a soft cut-creasy look because all the light tones under the crease line counteract the heaviness of her hooded lid, and because I could create a crease line above her natural crease. The colors we chose were reddish terracota shades and champagne, mostly, to compliment her complexion. 

I started by using a primer. Some people who don't have hooded eyes and/or oily lids can get away with just using concealer, but for us who have oily lids, and for those with hooded eyes, primer is a must, otherwise the shadows will just crease or rub off, or both. Then I used a brick colored matte shadow to create a crease, using a pencil brush. 

I then deepened the colour with a wine red colour, also choosing a matte shadow. I used a thinner brush for this.

Notice that by going above my natural crease line (I also have slightly hooded eyes), the shadows stand out even with my eyes open.

Next I applied a champagne shimmery shadow all over the lid up to where it met the red shadow, using a short-bristled flat brush. That kind of brush packs more colour into one area, making the shadow really pop.

After that, I took an angled brush and outlined an outer V, and traced the line between the red and the champagne, creating a deeper contrast. I used a dark purple matte shadow.  At this point I was just outlining the design, and barely blending it.

The next step was blending that same dark color into the champagne and upward, with a small blending brush and using a circle motion. This is particularly important for those with very hooded eyes or mature skin, as there is less firmness to the lid, it's easier to miss spots if you use back-and-forth motions, but the circle will blend better and won't leave any blank areas. 

I traced the lower lash line with the purple colour, and applied eyeliner and mascara, and did my eyebrows a bit. 

I used a pink colour with gold specks on me for my lips, but on my friend she chose a bold red because that's just who she is. Some say not to use such bold colours for wedding or maternity pics, but in my opinion, those pics are memories for you and your people, and you will like it best if when you see the pictures you see yourself, not a tamed version of you. 

I hope you liked it, I sure enjoyed making it. See you!

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