With Pride in my eyes

By Ms. D - June 30, 2022

Today ends Pride Month. A month where it became clear that there's much yet to improve, but where we've also seen a lot of support. I look at the new generations with hope, they are creating a world where there's room for everyone.

I'm seeing it a lot in the makeup world, which is a world I know dearly. Assistants in makeup shops that are not cis women. Trans people asking for help with makeup in social media, and getting not only answers but messages of support and love. The Drag Queen phenomenon. There's more room each day for people who want to enjoy the art of makeup. 

In honour of all of us who walk under the rainbow flag I add my little grain of sand, a look with our colours.

For this look I used the Color Shades palette by Beauty Glazed, one of my faves these days. 

We'll start with primer, sealing it with a matte shade similar to our skin tone. In case of dark skin tones it may be worth it to use a white/light colored primer (like the cutcrease canvas by revolution) so that colours stand out more. Then we draw the outer V with a matte violet shade that's intense, over the natural crease. For that we'll use a small pencil brush. 

Afterwards we'll add blue, green, yellow, orange and red following the curve over the natural crease. We'll choose intense and matte shades. We'll blend the upper side slightly with a blending brush. 

The next step is tracing a clear line over the eyelid with a white primer (I used the cutcrease canvas). We'll use a flat brush for precision, and then we fill in with that same base. 

We dampen a small flat brush (I use setting spray) and fill in the white area with a white pearly shade, then top with silver and rose gold glitter.

We take the violet shade all the way to the lash line to add depth to the eye. With a matte brown shade we trace the cut between the white and the rainbow, as well as the lower lash line. Then mascara or even falsies. 

For my skin I used the foundation Pretty Natural by Essence in the shade 010 Cool Porcelain. I like it to unify the skin tone without it adding too much coverage. On the lips and cheeks a natural pink flush that won't steal the eyes' thunder.

And that's it.

Happy pride. Because June ends, but we're LGBTQ+ every day. 

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