Queen of Hearts

By Ms. D - February 13, 2023

Valentine's day is here, the most romantic day in the year. Everything is brimming with hearts, shops and supermarkets, shop windows with glittery paper hearts, heart-shaped chocolates with strawberry filling, and why not? our makeup too.

So today I come to you as the Queen of Hearts. 

We start with foundation this time, since later it will be harder to apply the products without muddying up the design. I started using the primer by Essence 'Fix and Last Jelly Primer', it's quite cool to the touch, I don't see any pore reduction, but it does help the base to last longer, and with my oily skin that's rather important. After, I used the Essence 'Pretty Natural' foundation in the shade 'cool porcelain', I apply it with a brush, since I like the results better, and then with the NYX concealer palette I covered up my dark circles, and as blush I used a matte red eyeshadow. 

Once I had the base set, I applied the eyeshadow primer and with a big, dense brush I did a coat of a light beige shade with a holographic shine to it in pink and lilac, and with a white eye pencil I traced the hearts design, trying to achieve some measure of symetry and also making sure that it was all visible with my eyes open. You can see that I had to make corrections, it doesn't matter, it will end up covered, if it's not perfect the first try, keep trying.

Now I started with a dark matte red, using the shadow wet for further definition, and using a lip brush, which is ideal to get the needed precision. I blended a bit towards the center of the heart. No worries about any mistakes, we'll be cleaning up later.

With a very, very thin liner brush I traced the edge with a wine/purple shade, and with a flat brush I added some vibrant red towards the center of the heart, creating a gradient.

With the same brush, cleaning it between uses, I added fuchsia pink and finally orange, up to the heart's center.

Once I had that heart done and the edges cleaned (I used a wipe around a dotting tool) I applied some eyelash glue on the inner side of the eyelid and the higher part of the cheekbone, right next to the heart's tail, and then I glued some holographic heart-shaped glitter. I also added some shimmer in the inner corner and at the center of the lash line.  

We do the same in the other eye, a couple coats of mascara and a good red lipstick (I'm using the XXL lingerie by NYX in the shade Stamina), and this is the result:

I hope you liked it and that you put your mind into trying it out, remember, makeup can be removed, so there's no problem with experimenting, making mistakes and starting over. 

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