Amethysts and rubies

By Ms. D - May 14, 2019

Today I want to show you a look that happened almost by chance. I had just been gifted with a purple palette from Revolution and I had been playing around with it for a few days. A couple friends invited us out, and I decided to do my whole eye makeup with that palette, see what came out of that. This is what happened:
We start by applying the primer and covering the lid in a matt vanilla shade to make the applying of the other shades easier. Then we emphasize the crease and outer V with a muted mauve.
Pro tip: we use matt shades for shadows and metallic or shimmery ones for light areas to make it more contrasting.

Afterwards we liven up the mauve with a vibrant raspberry colour, blending well to avoid cuts in the colours.

With a metallic pink we lighten up the 'blank' area, and then using a whitish gold we further lighten the area.

Now here comes the trick. In Primark I found a roll of tape for makeup, although any tape that is not too sticky will work. We place it along the line the eyeliner must follow, and we darken the outer V with a blackberry matt shade, then we trace the eyeliner without worrying much about it, the line will be fine because of the tape.

In the end, it looks like this with the liner:
With an emmerald green pencil we line the lowe lashline. We could also use a damp brush and eyeshadow. If I were to use the shadow, I would apply primer to the area first. After that we go on to our mascara.
We apply our foundation, and then, under the eye we use a yellow concealer, so there are no dark circles to be seen, since those can be accentuated with purple eyeshadow.
Finally, blush and highlighter, and a ruby red lipstick. I'm wearing Shirley by Nars.

I hope you liked it. Kisses and see you soon!

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