Eyes on fire

By Ms. D - February 06, 2019

So, the other day I was eating out with my boyfriend, in a chinese restaurant close to our house. We were talking, trying to decide what I would be doing with my makeup next. I guess the chinese decor influenced the conversation because next thing I know we were talking about dragons and fire and using the pretty shades of gold, red and blue that fire creates.
So this is what we came up with. I hope you like it.
First, I used the wet n wild photofocus primer on the eyelids, and traced the line I want to follow with a light colored pencil. I traced the line with my eyes open. Those with hooded or droopy lids may benefit from this because this way you ensure that your makeup will be visible and where you want it to be with your eyes open.

After that, I followed the line I made with orangey red, using a fine brush, the one I use for cat eyes.

I picked a small blending brush next, and with the same color softened the edges, blending in circles and upward towards the brow bone. Then I softened it even further blending in a vanilla shade in the brow bone area. 

To deepen the crease area, I chose two shades of darker red, first the lighter one following the same line and blending, and then a darker one in the outer v and the crease line, but without blending much, to create a shadow.

I then traced the crease with a gold shade. To make the colour stand out more, I dipped it in Revolution's Aquaseal, but just water or eye drops will work. Then, with a small flat brush and purple-blue shadow, I followed the outer v, just a dash of colour, and slightly traced my lashes, upper and lower. I filled in the blank area with a nude shade. 

Next, I drew a line with a fine tipped eyeliner. I applied mascara (right now using Rock Couture by Catrice) and filled in the blanks of my eyebrows with L'oreal brow pomade. Then I used a sponge to apply my foundation (All matt in 015 Vanilla Beige) and some darkening drops mixed in with the foundation to slightly contour my face. I applied blush and highlighter and a dark pink to my lips.

This is the final result. I'm very much in love with it. To make the edges of the eye makeup cleaner, I used a flat brush and concealer.
What do you think? Dare to try wearing red? 

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