Summer nights

By Ms. D - September 24, 2018

Hello there! Today I'm bringing you a look inspired in summer nightfall, that beautiful time between 8 and 10 pm in which the summer sunlight and the soft cool night air coexist, entwining gold and purple, a classic combination that never fails.

It never fails because it's the union of a warm shade and a cool one, suiting most skin undertones, since they balance each other out, with the effect reinforced by the fact that they are complimentary colours.

It's simple but evocative, and although it comprises bright colours, it's easy to wear during the day. This has been my most used look this summer, night and day.

So, without further ado, here we go:

Step 1: cleanse, hydrate and apply a primer.
Step 2: with a flat brush I applied a vibrant, metallic purple shade over the eyelid, up to and over the crease. I didn't worry much about blending. 

Step 3: with a matt salmon shade and a blending brush I softened the hard line, blending well. You can use a warm brown shade to darken the outer v area, but I chose not to do it this time.

Step 4: I picked a whitish champagne gold and a pencil brush to add a touch of light to the center of the eye.

And there you go. Brows, eyelashes, foundation, you know the drill... Our look's finished. You can paint your lips with a dark colour or leave them natural. I'm just wearing a dab of lip oil on this occasion. 

Hope you liked it. Lots of love, see you soon.

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