Halo eyeshadow

By Ms. D - June 23, 2017

Hello, beauties! Sorry for the long delay, I've been super extra busy these days, with work and all that. I wanted to do more tutorials, but alas, when I had the time I was too tired and it just wasn't happening.

I had a break, though, and I thought I would do something nice with my time. Enter halo eyeshadow. It's such a beautiful look, and it's rather easy, but looks so polished that anyone would think you spent hours doing your makeup. So let's get to it.

You'll need a darker matte shade and a light shimmer shade that work well together. I chose a warm purplish shade and a rosy champagne, but you can choose whichever you like. Purples just look great on green eyes.

We start by packing the darker shadow on the inner and outer corners of our eyelid, careful not to apply any on the center of the lid. This will add depth to the corners of our eyes while making the center pop, giving that halo effect. Don't worry too much about blending at this stage.

Then we'll add the shimmery shade to the center of our lid and blend it with the darker shade. As you can see, the effect is already very interesting.

Now, you just line your top lashes, add mascara and fill in your brows, simple as that. You can then go on with your face makeup. I used a rather natural blush and lips to bring all attention to the eyes. 

So what do you think? Easy, isn't it? 

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