Poisonous Magenta

By Ms. D - May 04, 2017

Hello everyone! Here I am back with a vibrant night look inspired in some magenta flowers I saw while browsing images in Google.


Magenta is a very striking and interesting colour for green eyes, as they are completely opposite hues in the colour wheel, and so they make each other stand out, although I'm fairly certain it will look beautiful in other eye colours too.

We start with an eyeshadow base, I use the Wet n' Wild photofocus eyeshadow primer, and then we pick a matt plum shade, filling roughly 3/4 of the eyelid, pressing instead of dragging the shadow so that the colour will really stick to the lid.

After that, with a pale matt pink we blend the plum shadow and highlight the brow bone.

Now we pick a vibrant magenta hue, I chose a metallic one to give an extra something to the look, and we paint up to a bit higher than the crease, letting the plum shade show.

Then, with a very dark plum or black we darken the outer V, blending really well so that there is no clear 'cut'. Remember, less is more, you're better off starting with little amounts of shadow and building it up little by little, rather than darkening too much all of a sudden, because it's harder to blend and it's even harder to prevent it from looking like a dark smudge.

We line, add mascara and fill in and shape our brows. It is very important to use eyeliner, because it creates a barrier between our eye and the reddish hues. Without this barrier, we'd look tired or sick.

For lips and cheeks soft tones that give us a healthy glow but won't stand out, so that all the attention goes to the eyes.

I'll tell you that in those two pics I'm wearing the scarf, I actually had rollers on, and even though it doesn't look like much, in person I looked like a lollypop, all head. It was a neverending source of laughter for my mother, brother and boyfriend, much to my dismay.

What do you think? I like it a lot, it's a look I'd wear on a night out, no doubt.

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