Review: i-Divine "Storm" palette - Sleek

By Ms. D - April 18, 2017

Hello, beauties! I'm back, and today I want to show you my newest acquisition: the Sleek i-Divine "Storm" palette. It was actually a present (hello, boyfriend! ❤).

It's a beautiful palette, 12 shades both shimmery and matte, for just 10€. Each shade weighs 1.1g, and there are some jewel tones, as well as earthy tones and a deep black. It comes in a box, with some instructions on the back, and suggested combinations, as well as the ingredients. The case is thin and made of hard black plastic, very soft to the touch. It has a big mirror, very useful.

The shades have 'stormy' names like calm before the storm or snow storm, and the black one is called blackout, which actually made me laugh for some reason. They're all very pigmented and creamy, even the matte ones. They're all well-matched, and you can create tons of looks, from day looks to night, sophisticated looks with just the one palette. I particularly like the combination of perfect storm and firestorm (the two on the upper right).

All in all I liked it very much, and I have it in my makeup bag, as it is very versatile, so I don't have to take the big palettes everywhere I go. I like the quality very much and it's rather cheap, you really get a lot for your money.

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