Review - Wet'n Wild Photofocus Eyeshadow Primer

By Ms. D - February 14, 2017

Hello again! Here I am to share with you one of my latest discoveries. I always try to use and recommend quality products, but cheap ones, because you don't need to spend a ton to get a good result in my experience.

Up to this moment I had been using the eyeshadow base I <3 colour intensifying (Essence), and it did the job for me, it lasted for 8 hours no problem, but lately my days are quite a bit longer, and I needed something that could keep up with me, because honestly, I'm not big on having to touch up all day.

A while ago, I read about the primer Take on the Day (Wet'nWild); people were comparing it to UD's Primer Potion, some even said it was better, but I never managed to get my hands on it. However, the other day I found this primer in Marvimundo -spanish drugstore-, and when I looked it up on google, i found it had the same ingredients, actually in the product website it said it was just a new look (apparently, WnW had a contract with Fergie, and when it ended, all products in her line underwent a makeover and that was it).

Thing is, for just 5.99€ I thought what's the worst that could happen? Turns out it surprised me - in a good way.

The product itself comes inside a box, where it says it "brightens eyelids", that it has a "smooth, effortless application" and that it is long lasting. Furthermore, it comes with the list of ingredients and the Cruelty Free logo.

Inside you have the primer, in a sleek black and white squeeze tube, better IMO because less is wasted this way, it's 10 ml for less than 6€, but still, I pay for something and I want to get everything I pay for. The primer is dense and greasy to the touch, and beige in color, but when you blend it, it dries fast and clear.

This is enough for one eyelid

 And the result, in my opinion, is very good. But I'd rather show you:

This is makeup just applied, early morning, natural light
This is makeup more than 13 hours later, late at night, artificial light

I don't know if the pictures do the product any justice, because the light was different, and the camera was different too, but the shadows stayed in place a long work day, more than 13 hours, no creasing, almost no fading, eyeliner didn't move to the upper lid. No need to touch up or worry.

I have very oily lids, so without a good base, my eye makeup is ruined in less than an hour. For those with dry skin, it may be too drying, and it may not be the primer for them, but for us who have oily skin, it's a very good purchase.

What do you think? Have you tried it?

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