By Ms. D - February 08, 2017

Hi, beauties!

My name is Danny Z., and this is my new makeup blog.

I love art and colours, anyone who's ever met me knows that, so it wasn't all that surprising when a long long time ago I discovered makeup and got hooked. Gosh, all the pretty colours, all the wonderfully creative ideas, a new world opened before me, and I couldn't help but share all of that with people, so I started a makeup blog in Spanish -the language spoken where I live, where I was born.

That was almost five years ago.

During that time, I learned a lot, did lots of fun things: characterization courses, photoshoots, weddings... so many things, and I had such a great time, met such amazing people.

Then, today, I woke up and realized I wanted to do something else: I wanted to reach more people, have other people reach me, learn new things from other places, explore a whole new world. Being bilingual, it was only logical that I came up with this project: start another blog in English. Same contents, different language.

I want to invite you for the ride, I hope you'll enjoy it, and stay with me for as long as it may last.

Welcome to my world of colours.

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