By Ms. D - March 08, 2017

Hello there! I'm back here with a cut-crease step-by-step, in plum and cold gold. I've got a love-hate relationship with gold, because I love the shade but it looks terrible on my skin, it clashes -badly- with my complexion. This golden shade, though, it's great. It has a certain amount of silver in it, giving it a colder hue, and I absolutely love how it looks on me.

Cut-creases are stunning, not that hard to do and they are one wonderful look for a night out.

So, here we go:

We start by prepping the skin, I like using a primer to prevent my makeup from melting. Less is more with primer. Then we pick an angled brush and draw a line just slightly over our natural crease, with a pinkish copper shade, making sure to draw a wing on the outer corner. We blend it a bit with a vanilla shade under our brow bone and then, with a deep plum shade we trace the underside of the line we drew, darkening it to create depth.

Step 1
Step 2
After that, we apply the golden shade to the lid, up to the line we created, careful not to mix the colours. This golden shade will fit most complexions, but feel free to use a warmer shade if you think it looks good on you.

Then we fill in the brows, draw the liner and a couple coats of mascara, and there, done. You could always use false eyelashes if you wanted a more dramatic look. For the eyeliner I use gel eyeliner because I like the texture and its versatility, and for my brows I use Catrice Brow Definer in 02- flASHy brows, an ashy blonde shade that matches my natural colour perfectly.

 And here's the full face

For some reason, my hair looks reddish instead of dirty blond, who knows why. The reddish tinge is only on my hair though, the rest looks rather accurate.

Did you like it? Would you wear this look?

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