By Ms. D - October 10, 2022

Hello again!

I'm bringing today a look based on the colours of the natural pools where we spent the hottest hours this summer, a beautiful place of cool waters, waterfalls and blackberry bushes, with dragonflies of all colours. A way to remember the heat of the sun and the coolness of the watercalls, now that we're all the way in autumn. 

It's a halo effect look in blue and green saturated shades, intense on light skin tones, but I do believe it would look good on dark skin tones, although I would use a white or light base to keep the intensity of the shades. 

We start with the primer, which we seal with a matte bone shade that will make blending easier. Next we trace two almost vertical lines with a thick flat blush, almost at the corners of the eye leaving some room. We use a matte teal shade. 

In the space we left in the corners we fill in with a darker teal shade, drawing a sort of triangle shape, and blending in with the lighter colour. 

After that, we join the two sides with the darker teal, tracing a sort of bridge, we use the tip of the flat brush like it was a liner brush. It needn't be too perfect, since we will blend later. 

With a white primer and a synthethic flat brush that is rather thin we fill in the center part, longer on the upper side than on the lower bit, and we blend in the edges. 


We coat the white part with a shimmery light blue shade, it can be done with a damp brush, and then we use the teal again to blend in, with a pencil brush, to get a clean transition.

On to the final touches, we blend the upper side, and with the pencil brush we darken the eye corners with a matte black shade. Then we highlight the inner corner with a light green/gold shimmer shade, we line the lower lash line with the dark teal and add a couple coats of mascara. 

On top of our favorite foundation we apply some toasted coral shade on cheeks and the nose bridge to mimick a sunkissed look, and for lips I chose a coloured gloss to go with the idea of summer, sun and water.  

This is the final result, I hope you enjoyed it!

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