Christmas Sparkle

By Ms. D - December 22, 2021

It's already that time of the year. Putting up the christmas tree and decorating it. Balconies and gardens blinking with colorful lights. Shopping for gifts for our loved ones, and dressing up for dinner. Time to dress up those lids too. 

I used for this look a glitter palette by Beuty Glazed that was gifted to me (and I was pleasantly surprised by it). I did a subtle look with a sparkly twist to it, for those who enjoy a more natural look who want some glam on a festive night. 

First I applied my trusty primer, the wet n wild photofocus, and dusted the lid with a light matte shade. Then I deepened the crease with a warm pinkish matte shade, making sure to blend well. 

After that, I painted on a light gold shimmery colour all over the lid, without covering the other shadow, blending in the edges with a fluffy brush.

For the next step, I chose a dark, matte brown to deepen the outer corner and lift the eye. To achieve that, I blended towards the tail of the brow. 

Then I picked a light gold glitter and with a thin brush drew a line, like eyeliner but glittery. 

I did two coats of mascara and foundation - I am using the Nyx can't stop won't stop one in shade alabaster. Instead of blush, I used a transfer-proof lipstick. I dabbed a tiny bit on the cheek and blended well before it dried. This was very helpful in keeping my blush from transferring to my mask. 

As for lips, I tried two choices. First a natural, just-kissed colour, then a deep red gloss. It felt more festive with the red gloss, but natural felt good too. 

I hope you enjoyed this! 

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